Ep. 3: Fear Prevents, Courage Provides


Amadon DellErba discusses the fact that fear prevents us from becoming who we are meant to be and limits us in our growth towards self-discovery. Fear and courage are linked to accountability and responsibility.

Amadon considers fear to be a ‘mind killer.’ The Master considered fear to be “man’s chief enslaver.” Having the courage to liberate yourself from fear is a conscious choice. It comes from caring for other people; those loved ones that we are close to, and strangers on the other side of the world. Living selflessly increases our courage to confront our own lower natures and ‘care-front’ our friends and family, in love.

 “What are we afraid of?” “What does fear prevent in my life?” “What does courage provide in my life?” Amadon poses deep and introspective questions that will provoke personal insights into your own process of overcoming fear and living more courageously.



Good afternoon. I'm Amadon DellErba and you are listening to episode three of my podcast. Get real or die trying”. Nothing you do matters unless what you do matters. Episode three, theme today and title is: Fear Prevents, Courage Provides.

So I spent a lot of time in my life thinking about fear. And trying to overcome fear.

And what does fear mean? And how does it affect our lives? Nobody is void of the lower emotion and feeling of fear. Fear prevents. We must ask ourselves, what is it in life that fear prevents? It prevents us from being who we need to be. It prevents us from doing what we need to do. It prevents us from a lot of important things.

Fear is a mind killer. Weak minds are fearful people. Fearful people have weak minds. Courageous hearts and courageous minds are great people and they achieve many things in life. Great people throughout history had powerful, courageous hearts and minds. They weren't fearful. They didn't care about what society thought about them, what their friends thought about them. They broke through the bondage and the confines of mediocrity and smallness. They blew down the walls and they were great. They had courage.

Fear also is a way to not take accountability. Fear is a way to avoid responsibility. I strongly feel that accountability and responsibility is linked to fear and courage. The more courage you have, the more responsibility you have. The more fear you have, the less responsibility you have.

Being fearless is not being void of fear. It is overcoming fear. If you have fear, you overcome it with courage. Some people, the word fearless is used a lot, and after I spend a lot of time thinking about it actually may not be an appropriate word because courage is actually overcoming fear, is not the absence of fear. The fear is always there in the mind, heart, and soul, and you have the responsibility to overcome it.

What are some of the things that we're afraid of? I think we're afraid of our own limitless potential. We're afraid of becoming great. We're afraid of losing friends, family, associates, the people around us that we may outgrow emotionally, spiritually, that we may ascend past. We're afraid of making choices in our lives that cause separation from those we love. Unfortunately, it causes separation because when you pursue a path to self-mastery of oneself, and you pursue a path of greatness, there will be some separation from those around you who choose not to follow the same path

But fear of becoming who we need to become. Each and every one of us human beings on this planet has a destiny, has a destiny purpose. We all have dreams within our hearts, dreams within our souls of who we want to be, what we want to do, who we want to serve, where we want to go. Some of us are still discovering those every day. Some of our dreams change as we grow, as we mature.

I think as we reach the realms of spiritual consciousness and we start striving for higher things of who we want to be, more ascended beings, more refined, more humble, more service-oriented; when we start striving for the spiritual values and we start trying to refine our souls of who we want to be and who we want to grow into, that's when the fear comes up of becoming anew, being resurrected, being reborn, and changing the darkness in ourselves and the lower traits that hold us back, that keep us from being great, that keep us from serving others.

In myself personally, I find that there are certain circumstances and situations in life where I'm attached to my own self-perception of that circumstance and/or those people, and I'm afraid to let that attachment of that perception go, because when I view people through my attachment, I am washed clean of responsibility and accountability to change myself.

Fear is often associated with judgment of others. Fear is often associated with jealousy and envy, which I talked about last week. And so, when I wake up in the morning, I don't think, “Oh, I'm a fearful person” But when I really spend time, thinking about it, and diving deep into my psyche, my consciousness, and thinking about “what am I fearful of?” that's what I arrived at.

Now other people may think, “Oh, what am I afraid of?” And it may be quitting their job. It may be confronting someone in their life that they're afraid to confront and to bring to their attention that they're doing wrong. It may be that they're afraid to take the next step in their spiritual evolution and learn a new truth, a new way of living. They may be afraid to go on a new diet. They may be afraid to start exercising. They may be afraid of all these things. I think we all overcome these different levels of fear on our own time and our own ascension path, but it's something that we deal with for our whole lives really. The fear starts transcending from the material world into the spirit world, into the consciousness.

Great minds and great spiritual minds and great leaders and great teachers are fearless in the sense that they have the courage to transcend those boundaries and those walls, and those safety-zones that we, as individuals, create in our minds and hearts. We don't realize we're doing it because our subconscious often creates what we feel is a safe consciousness environment.

That's why people oftentimes have an awakening when they take drugs. I don't think you need to take drugs to have that awakening. You don't have to be on mushrooms. You don't have to have an ayahuasca trip. You don't have to have a peyote trip. You don't have to have the frog goo. You can have those realizations in those consciousness awakenings through very purposeful and intentful deep contemplation and really a communion and connection with the Creator.

Now let's talk about courage. Courage and fear are brothers. I believe Plato said that. How do they relate to each other? We've talked about, a little bit, how fear prevents. Courage, can provide. Courage provides for you in your life because it opens the doorway for new opportunities. It provides because it allows you to become anew.

I think we're afraid of changing ourselves. To me, when I think of fear, I go to the spiritual, usually. And when I think of fear and I see people that I love who are afraid of becoming who they really need to be, they're afraid of changing, they're afraid of their own greatness, I think of “how can I impart in them inspiration and the courage to not be afraid?”

What are they afraid of? The unknown. The unknown self that they're growing into. You see, we become very accustomed to ourselves and how we are, not realizing that there is a better, higher-self, always there, always higher. We get to one self, we fulfill that, we put the clothes on that body, that spiritual self. We become accustomed to it. We're used to it. This is how we are. This is how we act. These are my patterns. This is how I associate. This is how I speak. This is how I think. This is who I am. And we get stuck with that. Because who I am can evolve the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and I can continue to evolve into somebody greater, somebody more refined, somebody more loving, somebody more spiritually ascended.

So having the courage to go there is just a choice. Choices are powerful. You see, once you realize, “wow, I'm afraid of my unknown self.” That's a cool concept. The unknown self. What is the unknown self? Go on discovery. People who are afraid to set sail and go across the ocean and discover the new world. We need to set sail on our consciousness and discover the new us, the new me, the new you. Discover yourself, have fear. You can't. Um, you can't find new shores if you're afraid to lose sight of the current shore you're standing on.

You know, another quote that comes to mind. Is the words of the master, Jesus Christ, as quoted out of The URANTIA Book, which I previously mentioned in my podcast, which is one of the main spiritual texts that I study in my life. In the words of Jesus:

“Fear is man’s chief enslaver and pride his great weakness; will you betray yourself into bondage to both of these destroyers of joy and liberty?”

What a great quote. Fear and pride are man's chief enslavers. I've always, jokingly kind of said, when I'm referring to people who I feel are completely trapped in fear, that they’re slaves. They're slaves to fear. “Ah, that guy’s a slave, you know?” And it's okay to ask yourself, “What am I a slave to? What am I so afraid of in my life that I'm enslaved in my mind and my consciousness from breaking free?”

You know, I think that people act in fear so much that they're accustomed to it. It's normal to them. They don't know what it's like to push, to be a boundary breaker, to transcend, through all that muck and mire and social distortion and expectations and confines, and to be something and somebody different, to be something and someone, great, to be something and somebody unexpected.

Another concept that I thought of is that fear is temporary and regret lasts forever. Forever, as in this existence in this plane, in this life. There may be situations in your life that you didn't choose to follow. You didn't choose to be with this person, or go with this person, or take this path and the soul path in your life because you were overtaken by fear. You'll regret that forever.

Courage comes from caring. When you care for someone or somebody tremendously, it's easier to overcome that fear. So for me personally, when I open my heart circuit and I realize how much I care about somebody and that me failing to be who I need to be for that person, in that moment, is hurting them. That love and that care helps me to be courageous, to overcome, and you can do it too. Anybody can do it. Be the husband you need to be. Be the man that you need to be. Be the leader that you need to be. Be the wife that you need to be. Be the brother that you need to be. Be there for people. Pull upon the care and the innate love that you have within you for this person, to be who you need to be, and you will naturally and almost super-consciously, unconsciously, well up the courage within you to be that person.

And so, having the ability to start really caring, again, being other-oriented, getting outside of yourself and your own self-absorption and selfishness and becoming more selfless, you also become more courageous. And the interesting thing is that, when one is working on their spiritual growth, it is easy to become self-absorbed because you're doing a lot of self-work, a lot of self-help, a lot of self-love (as they call it), self-analysis, and you can get self-absorbed. So then you actually have to consciously realize that other people are mirrors for you. Other people can aid you, other people can help you. Again, the importance of spiritual elders, mentors, people in your life who can help point out and see things that you don't see about yourself and your blind spots.

Having fear basically will keep you static in your whole life, whether you're in a job and you want to get promoted. Whether you want to pursue a certain level of spiritual greatness. Whether you want to excel at your craft. If you have fear of learning new things and you have fear of excelling, you will always stay plateaued and stagnant. Fear keeps you stagnant and stale. Courage gives you strength, keeps you creative and makes you anew every day.

And so my personal courage comes from a desire to serve others. When I lose sight of that, which I do sometimes, and I become self absorbed, I lose my courage. I gain my courage back when I start caring enough about somebody else, somebody across the world even, someone I've never even met.

I was thinking about an Indian proverb: store your rice in your neighbor's belly. An East Indian proverb, and I thought, “wow, that's a beautiful…” I read that the other day and I thought, “that's a beautiful concept.”  Store your extra rice in your neighbor's belly. Give to them. And you know, in these times that we're living in right now on the planet, that's a courageous act. And I was thinking of that in association to all of this rampant stockpiling that, especially Americans are doing in this country, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and just buying up food and buying up toilet paper and stock, and stockpiling. What they're actually doing in a spiritual sense is that they're losing protection through their selfish actions. They're losing the karmic protection, the spiritual protection, that they will need to have to get through these times. Karma is real. Karmic reality and how we create a protection for ourselves is related to being courageous and serving others.

Courage comes from awareness that I am a created being in a spiritually intelligent and loving, created universe by a personality Creator. I have courage when I am empowered by that spiritual thought. I have courage when I'm aware and consciously grateful to be created by a loving Creator.

And so from a spiritual context, whatever you believe, whatever you practice, whatever religion you find yourself in, or don't find yourself in, whatever theological thought that you prescribe to, one thing that I think is universal, is that courage is a spiritual emotion. Now I'm not saying someone who doesn't believe in God or any spirituality can't be courageous, but when they dive deep into their super-consciousness, that courage comes from spiritual values and morals and spiritual realities; realities deep within their heart, that they may not be even aware of.

Courage provides us the wonderful opportunity to begin anew each day. We can reinvent ourselves. The only thing that holds us back from doing that is fear. And fear is also a close friend to self-pity. Again, accountability, responsibility. Most lower traits that we as human beings face in our psyche and in our minds and in our hearts are really related to our inability, or our lack of desire, of not wanting to take on more responsibility and to be more accountable for our actions. We have a disparity of accountability in this world. As men, we have a disparity of accountability and responsibility in this world.

A man needs to be responsible and courageous to take action and good control of the environment around him to protect and serve the ones he loves and the ones he has any type of direct influence over.

What does that mean? Well, we're losing sight of that in this world because we're creating fearful people. They're afraid to take action They're afraid of the state, the government. They're afraid of whatever.

My courage comes from my spiritual practice, and ultimately it comes from my relationship with a personal loving Creator.

When I think about the concept of fear prevents, and courage provides, I think about doing the very thoughtful action daily of self-analyzing myself. What, in my life, am I preventing by my own fear? And then you flip the script. What can I achieve in my life by having courage and what will courage provide in my life? I think you'll be very surprised at the answers. I think you'll be excited to understand. Just write it down.

What does courage provide? New opportunity, new this.. you know, better relationships.

A lot of people don't have the courage to confront their loved ones, whether it's your wife, your brother, your sister, your own parents, your friends around you. It's okay to say, “Hey, brother, what you're doing right now is not cool. Your actions are hurting you and they're hurting the ones around you. Quit doing that.” That's okay. It's actually very, very important. We don't do that in this society. It's just too much. Fathers confront their children and mothers sometimes, but it needs to happen by everybody and it needs to come from love.

And it does take courage to do that. So if there's any inspiration I can give you in this podcast today, it's maybe think about someone in your life that you need to lovingly confront, care-front, and have the courage to care-front them. Have the courage to call up your sister and say, “Hey, you know, when you do this and this and this, it's really hurting you and I love you and it's hurting me.” Whatever it may be, “but your actions are wrong and you need to change for your own wellbeing. You need to change.”

That's love. That's true love. Now, letting them get away and get by with their wrong actions. So have courage to care-front others. Overcome your fears. Be bold. Be brave. Don't have fear. When you think about who you are to become, have courage to become that person. It's okay to begin anew. It's okay to take on the responsibility of who the creator wants you to be moment to moment.

Thanks for listening to my podcast. I'm Amadon DellErba. This is “Get Real or Die Trying.” Nothing you do matters unless what you do matters. Episode three: Fear prevents Courage provides.